Where do you offer your services?

I offer photographic services in the Balearic Islands (Spain). Regularly in Majorca, where I'm living now. Because of the island geography, the displacement is included in the price and it's not necessary to add any extra cost. I also fly to Ibiza a few times per month, so it's not necessary that supplement.

With how much advance I should request the job?

As soon as possible! In this way I'll have more flexibility for organize my agenda and to find a date that also works for you.

What happens if the weather is bad?

I always try to organize the shootings according to weather prediction. If the scheduled day the weather gets worse or there is not a good light, I'll try to find another date as soon as posible. Apart of this, if I arrive to the location and we have to pospone the shooting for any reason, in the invoice I'll charge 20€/h in concept of second displacement.

Where you can fly the drone?

Actually there are many restrictions, for example it's forbidden to fly the drone near airports or over towns. When you give me the locations I'll check if the aerial pictures can be done and if I'll need to request extra permissions.

In what resolution do you deliver the photos?

I always send the pictures in JPG and in 2 folders: first one in maximum resolution so you'll be able to print the pics in any size. You could advertise in catalogs, magazines or if you prefer in billboards too! The second folder is optimized for web in a good resolution for screens but with less size so the page will load  faster. In case you need the pics in other specific size or resolutions, please let me know before the delivery.

Will I receive the original files?

No. For each final picture I need to take in RAW format a few pictures with natural light and others with flash. Then I mix and edit them in a professional software. That's why the original files won't be useful for you.

Do you need any information before the shooting?

Before quoting the project I'll need to know the location. So I can see the orientation and study which is the best time to take the pictures. It will be really useful to me if you also send me some pictures of the place. Doesn't mind if there aren't in a high resolution, I just want to have an idea.


It's necessary someone stays with you?

Yes, I'll appreciate that. Thereby you can show me the location and we can discuss any question that arises. Despite this, is not necessary that you remain the whole shooting.

How long the session takes?

Depending of many factors: how many pictures you'll need, the location's size, etc. Shootings for real estate agencies can be done in an hour. In the case of vilas for holiday rentals should be more time because the clients use to prepare more the space or add details like food, etc. Pictures for hotels take also more time because of the large spaces and because everything depends on many departments. In the case of architectural projects I'll need aa first visit so I know the place and probably a few more displacements in different times, also at night.

How many pictures do you take?

Well, is better if we clarify this question before the shooting starts. I always like to give a closed price so we don't have any issue  later. This kind of shootings need many editing time for every picture, so I always delivery the exact number of pictures we previously agreed.


How is the payment method?

When you confirm that you have received the pictures properly, and if you don't need any modification, then I will generate the invoice with the correspondent taxes. Unless it's a long project, is not necessary any initial payment.

When I will receive the pictures?

Regularly I need between 3 and 5 days.

Could I have the shooting urgent?

Yes, I can delivery the pictures in less than 24h in excepcional cases. However I will charge a 25% extra because I'll need to reorganize my agenda and probably spend a few extra hours.

Are my pictures safe?

Sure! In the moment I arrive at the office, the files are safe in a physical backup and another in the cloud. Once I send the shooting, I will keep the files for a year.

Who owns the picture's rights?

The photographer. In this cases the client has the right to use the pictures, but the ownership belongs to the photographer. In addition to this, the photographer can upload the pictures in his web or in his social networks.

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